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Home PC and Laptop Repairs in Bradford and Leeds

Laptop Repairs Bradford | Leeds Computer Repair | IT Support Yorkshire

We repair and service desktop computers, home networks and of course, laptops.

Repairs in Bradford and Leeds can be conducted by a home visit, our collection and delivery service, or by visiting our offices in West Park, North Leeds.

Economical solutions for all home users

  • New computer?
  • Old computer?
  • Running slow?
  • Can't get online?
  • Need answers?
  • Kids concerns?
  • No Data Backups?

You've come to the right place!

Call us now on 01943 876889 or 0779 491 0779 for a no obligation discussion

Based in NW Leeds (West Park and Yeadon), we offer friendly, professional support to all home users, at very competetive rates.

If you've decided that the only way forward is to buy a new computer, call us first!

Discounted rates for Silver Surfers and new customers.


If you never had IT lessons at school /college, or wish that you'd paid more attention, we can help with basic tuition.

The table below details the issues that every computer user needs to address, but don't worry if you don't understand them all. You can safely enjoy your computer, provided someone has addressed them.

All PC Services are here to look after all your computer needs.

Reliable Operation

We offer problem resolution and regular maintainance of computer / network hardware and software including upgrade to Windows 7.


We all need anti-virus , anti-malware & a firewall AND know how to use them effectively.

Password management so you can use hard to crack passwords for your on-line finances, emails and forums.

Data encryption A 'must have' on laptops, USB memory and CDs.

Stop your kids accessing /deleting your files.


We can set up a reliable system to backup your crucial data: Local and offsite is recommended. Have you ever tested your existing backup strategy?

Restore Windows

We can take an image of your hard drive and use it to quickly restore Windows and all your programs and settings. This cures just about everything.

Online Safety

Software and networking techniques are an important part of keeping your children safe online. Stay ahead of them, to keep them safe!

Why pay a professional? CLICK HERE (Speakers on?).

If you are running Windows XP and your computer seems slow, please note that XP is a proven operating system which Microsoft will continue to support until 08/04/2014. Windows 7 is very good, but if money is short, there is no need to upgrade now. We can return your machine to its 'just out of the box' state. It will be as good as new.

Vista users, do not despair! Microsoft's least popular operating system can be tweaked to meet your needs.

So contact the experts today to discuss your support, updates and upgrades, and for Laptop Repairs in Bradford, Leeds Computer Repairs, and IT Support in Yorkshire.